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The ultimate expression of uniqueness.

An opportunity to work with a dedicated team of designers and engineers, to realise your perfect Expedition Vehicle.

To challenge the perception of the reality.

Push the boundaries of expedition vehicle personalisation.

Access personalised layouts, unlimited ranges of colours materials and finishes. 

For those who value uniqueness and embrace difference.

Starting with a blank sheet of paper, in collaboration with you, we can design & develop whatever you imagine your personal bespoke expedition vehicle to be. 

Every Tekton that leaves our facility are one of a kind. 



Reserved exclusively for our most creative and ambitious customers. The world of truly bespoke, unique and premium Expedition Vehicles. 
Every discover bespoke journey involves a personal collaboration with our design & engineering team.

All working entirely towards your vision. To create your ultimate Expedition Vehicle. 


One-Of-One isn't just about unique exterior & interior colour pallets. It is about creating a one-of-one design that is specific to your needs. 

However some people might like a design they have previously seen or had in a pre-existing model, these can be implemented into any new bespoke build. 




For many, choosing the colour of your camper/caravan is a simple process, involving perhaps one or maybe two choices.


However, through Tekton's Discover Bespoke program, colour represents an opportunity to express your personality, be it a subtle demonstration or a bold statement.  

Our painting specialists are able to create whatever colour you desire, with our full body paint protection. 


Whether this is colour coding to your tow vehicle or a special colour from a rock you have found on your travels or a photo, all of this is possible. 

It doesn't stop there, from the suspension arms and brakes, through to the chassis and body, all of it is at your disposal when it comes to the world of colour.  

Limited only to your vision. 



Our Bespoke program doesn't stop with the upholstery and exterior paint. 

All our high quality CNC cut light weight cabinetry, laminated or composite stone bench-tops are also customisable, including door and draw handles, sinks, basins, tap ware and finishes. 

Both our leatherette and leather hides are fully customisable. 

It doesn't stop there, all the stitching in the Tekton can be customised into any pattern or colour you desire. 

To have exclusive access to be apart of our Discover Bespoke Program

Please get in touch with the team at Tekton 

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